The Great Seal of the United States, by Paul Foster Case

This is a must-read, I think. Just in general. Which is interesting, because it's nearly impossible to find. So here it is, just click the picture of the book at the beginning of this post, and it's yours on PDF. If you'd like to hold it in your hand, and you have $5 to spare, by all means: click here to order a copy from Builders of the Adytum.

As I read this booklet, I can hear various points of view, as well as the various forms of ignorance and bias, in the echo-voices (from memory) of all those I've known enough to grok their points of view. So, I'll disclaim a little bit here and say I am not saying "read this book, 'cause I believe every word, and you should to!". What I am saying, to whoever the Being is who's eyes survey these words, is that I find it interesting to see Paul's point of view on it all, which includes his ignorances and biases.

So, if you can stomach reading this, I guess is what I'm saying, it is essential to the education of everyone, whether you're adding it to all the reasons why you're an anarchist, a patriot, an atheist, a mason, a Moslem - wherever you're coming from, if you haven't read this, it's worth reading. It's educational. It may offer a fresh and unique perspective to you, or the same old worn out boring perspective, depending on where you're coming from. For instance, I find it very interesting how the author insists that America will perish if it ceases to be "a Theocracy" of "the God of Nature".

It may help bring paranoia down to earth to see it’s just a bunch of guys doing their best to try something new and, perhaps, Aquarian in spirit. Or, you can read it and contemplate how the author seems to like to glorify and focus on certain aspects of these founders, and symbols, while leaving out the details which would cause one to be repulsed (the most oft cited example of this being that the founders were slave owners). Or, perhaps your priest told you the freemasons are evil, and that they worship the devil, and so you want to read this to learn about this horrendous evil.

Whatever it is, if you’re interested, please feel free to read it, it’s short, and feel free to leave a comment here on this post - I would love to hear your impressions upon reading it, whatever they may be.



  1. Paul Foster Case was a great Kabbalist in my opinion. He wrote great articles which I deeply recommend...


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