Flowers In Space

These words were spoken by Zen Master 永平道元 ("Eihei Dōgen") to the other monks at Kannon-dori-kosho-horin-ji Temple on March 31st 1243, as translated into English by Nishijima Gudo Wafu, and found in 正法眼蔵 空華 ("Shōbōgenzō Kuge"). Most of the text was left out, with the intention of making it shorter, more poetic, and to the point. The music is a track called "Nanga Parbat" from the album "Tibet: Nada Himalaya, Vol. 2." by Deuter. Most of the visual footage, including the main image, is from The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. The young man seen throughout the video is Gabriel Bomfiglio.


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