King of the Samādis

to transcend the whole universe at once
to live a great and valuable life
is to sit in the full lotus posture.

to become,
in the inner sanctum,
a person in the concrete state

the universe in sitting
is far different from
other universes

just in this moment
investigate whether the universe
is vertical
or horizontal

what is the sitting?

is it a somersault?
vigorous activity?
beyond thinking?
doing something?
not doing anything?
sitting inside of sitting?
sitting inside of the body-mind?

investigate thousands of points like these.

there is sitting with the mind
there is sitting with the body
there is sitting that is free of body and mind

maintain and rely upon
this awareness, thought, reflection

investigate this mind, will, consciousness

Śākyamuni Buddha says,

"in the full lotus posture,
the body-mind will experience samādi
people will revere the dignity
and virtue of the state

like the sun lighting up the world,
it clears away the sleepy,
lazy, melancholy mind

the body is light and tireless
perception and consciousness
are light and responsive

like coiled dragons

on seeing just a picture
of the lotus posture
the king of demons is afraid

how much more so
if he sees a person
experiencing the state
sitting without inclination
or agitation

the samādi that is king of the samādis
to set the body straight
the mind straight
the body-mind straight
practice-and-experience straight
the brain straight
the life-blood straight

sitting in our human skin
the mind-seal transmitted
from the seven ancient Buddhas
is just this

the meeting of Buddha
with Buddha
is this moment

These words were spoken by Zen Master 永平道元 ("Eihei Dōgen") to the other monks at Kippo temple in Etu-u in April of 1244, as translated into English by Nishijima Gudo Wafu, and found in "Shōbōgenzō Zanmai-o-zanmai".

Most of the text was left out, with the intention of making it shorter, more poetic, and to the point.

All for now,
Much love,


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