Conversations with Andrew Da Passano: "Compassion"

(There was some noise in the upstairs room, and Andrew began speaking before the tape was turned on. There are only a few words missing, possibly in regard to the distractions of this world.)

... rare in this place. Always take the habit of saying, "This is not me. I find myself in another dimension of serene peace. This is the world with its problems, its noise, its pain, its whatever - its worries," so that you detach yourself from it in an easier fashion.

Let us open our work as usual with the mantrum Om. (opening mantras)

We shall enter into our heart chakra by bringing up our energy as usual. Do not forget - or, preferably, permit me to remind you, that you all have heard of Kundalini power and of the different ways of lifting it up through the chakras. We in our meditations are doing exactly that. Without the pranayama we are, in a very pure fashion, bringing up the energy of the Kundalini through the chakras we work with. So these meditations have the advantage of being a Kundalini uplifting process, though it only seems a method to calm the astral and bring up the energy. So be conscious of it and bring up the power from chakra to chakra until it leads us to the chakra where we are working that specific night. (Gong)

Let us take the three breaths and then we shall open up with the mantram Ssss. (Chakra mantras to the Heart)

From the temple of the heart chakra we can now, as we are nearer to our future state of being, try to understand, experience and manifest this peculiar quality, this divine virtue which, from the highest level of manifestation and even from the unmanifested, is projected on manifested, finite forms. Not only forms that we perceive, but the unperceivable still (and other relative levels) has finite states of being of existence.

Pity is the identification. The idea of the suffering of another being that we can so clearly relate to, creates a sense of pity. We say, "Poor being, how much he must suffer, for I understand every moment of it and I can imagine how terrible it must be."

Compassion is from highly elevated consciousnesses which are far away from any possible identification, for they are beyond form. They are even beyond light, which is still a translation.

When the great Master Jesus was crucified, a wave of pity entered the heart of all Christians, for they judged his terrible ordeal at their level. For them indeed it would have been terrible. For an initiate, for a god, when a man enters Samadhi, his body loses all contact with consciousness and is only related to the autonomic nervous system. When, for lack of blood circulation in the brain, humans twitch and twist their limbs in the throes and agonies of death, this is only terrible to look at because of identification.

Fundamentally that person feels nothing and has already left the vehicle. As for the being like Jesus the Christ, the crucifixion was a question of acceptance or non-acceptance of the pain.

Remember the monk in Viet Nam who was drenched in gasoline and set afire, and who didn't even change his expression? He had left, through Samadhi, the physical being. He was out of his normal three vehicles. So, compassion is not identification. It is not relating to - through past or imaginary experiences.

Compassion comes from the high levels. It is the vision of the inevitable suffering inevitably produced by the grades of ignorance, by the storms of emotions, by the inevitability of this level.

The way human beings act, whether they would act in their thoughts or their emotions or their physical, is bound to produce pain, for the mere fact of the process of recycling as we are recycled, and the deterioration of the end of each cycle, produces moral, emotional and physical pain.

Therefore, compassion comes from those who have left the cycle, freed themselves from the returns. Still they feel this incredible compassion, this suffering with, not because of a relation through identification, but because they know that for eons of time, consciousnesses in a complete nightmare of imaginary happening are suffering without any possibility of liberation, unless this compassion is sent down to those who can serve.

They can, through compassion, co-suffering, comprehension (though they do not have to enter into the same cycle anymore) help. They can bring up the state of consciousness.

This is what compassion is all about. The capacity to understand the suffering of others not as a picture of my own possible ones, but as the way to help them awake, become aware, realize their limitations, look up at the stars, ask the question "Why?" and finally, tediously, with effort, begin this transmutation, like a caterpillar painfully and slowly becomes a butterfly.

This is what compassion is. The cooperation with the highest levels when we work for those above by helping those below, we enter into the great thrust of the vertical evolution. We accelerate the quality of the species, of the beings of consciousness. We open up the way for those who are below.

Compassion is a tool. It is an instrument that, in order to produce the instrument sufficiently clearly to enter the hearts of those that it must help, no filters of personality must be found.

Nothing which relates to the instrument of the action, the personality, must still exist. It must be as near to pure light as we can imagine. Reverence for all forms of life - reverence and compassion for all suffering suffered by all forms of life, visible or invisible, for demons in their astral level suffer as much as prisoners in our jails.

So we must develop comprehension, situate ourselves in the hierarchic scale. Then, abolishing all personality, all egos, send out the cosmic, reverential love that generates compassion on the level where it reaches those who are in need of it. It starts as a ray of light and it changes its manifestation, but from our heart chakra we must send out the light.

Here, now, you can even feel (if you're well aware) that in the chakra of the heart, in the temple, the portal of your future liberation, you do not have pity.

You have compassion. You do not have passionate love. You generate light. A sort of interested detachment begins to be felt at the level of the heart chakra, a love love without asking for a prize - is perfectly felt. It is there. The dignity of the action is enhanced by the liberation of the attachment. Therefore, here, here is the root for compassion. The chakra of the heart, not the poor human heart, the pure light that comes from that opening door, the door of the temple through which we shall all be liberated.

This is the temple of the Mayan pyramids, the house where men become gods, the Teocalli. So in dignity, and love, in detachment for price or results, with great interest in the effort, let us develop that compassion which can only be developed at that level. Anything else would be belittling compassion and will turn it into pity. Aum.

Let us take a few instants to meditate upon these words which are sent to me by those who indeed have compassion on us all. (Silence)

Let us now, from this point in the heart chakra - this is the work of the week. You see,if you identify yourself with the heart chakra and not with the image of things, then compassion is an operating power that will bring up those who are in doubt and in darkness. If you do not, and you enter into the sphere of pity, you find yourself at their level.

There again, it is like saving a man who is drowning. If you are in the water with him, it is more difficult than if you are in a boat and pulling him up with his hand. So remain at the highest level. Whatever you see this week, enter into the heart chakra. Enter into the state of the buddhas and send your compassion, and if your compassion requires action, act, but from that level. Never identify yourself with anything which is not at the level of your liberation. (Gong)

Let us now send the blessing of the Mountain: To the North, etc. When confronted by some condition that might still appear where courage is necessary, courage does not mean not using the adequate means.

The knight that faces the dragon faces him in armor, with a shield, with a sword. Be the Grail your shield, and let you use that like a powerful tank of energy. Whenever you have to face a problem, use the power of the Grail. (Visualization of grail) End of meditation.

Post-meditative comments:

Now you've seen the thing as it is, work it out this week. Every time you identify yourself with this effort you are climbing up. Every time you do the contrary, you're going down and not serving.

It's a funny thing, as you know.

I'll tell you no more. Nobody wants your pity. You have noticed: "I don't want your pity." Compassion is another thing! So this is a good sign: people know.

That's all, my friends.
The Temple of Esoteric Science
Andrew Da Passano, Instructor
Monday Evening Class, June 22, 1981


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