Philokalia Aquarian

At 7pm today, in the spirit of Djin Aquarian who gave me my name, I was asked to give an Aquarian name. I closed my eyes, connected with Frater Yod, held my hands together at my third eye, and vibrated "YOOOOD." And there it was:

Episode 25: Philokalia Aquarian
[01:19:02]  October 28th, 2015

on Art, Technology, Golden Dawn, Dan Brown, حي بن يقظان The CSS, and progress with ברוך בן קדוש AKA Philokalia Aquarian.

Click here to download the episode. 

It means the love of the beauty found in sacred spaces, in the oneness of the priest, shrine, and divine. That sort of trance state in which the self is forgotten, lost in the sacred like a drop in the ocean.

Plus, all the visions and journeys of healers in Orthodox Christianity to read about in that book of collected writings which bears the same name.


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