Know to Mystery scale

Here's another take on it - Jack Parson's old "wrapped around your finger" style apprentice, Frater H, didn't think too highly of the idea of "Mysteries", one might surmise, by it's placement on the Emotional Tone Scale, as well as other deductions. Also important to point out is that Postulates "Not Know" is like the "uh-oh, what if I forget again?!" part of "coming back down" from Beingness - that's where we invent slogans and rules and ideas and images and things to help us to "link back up" and "stay connected" with what, at the time, was an Experience and will hitherto become increasing more of a Memory. So, these Postulates are good to create art from - icons, but not idols. If you find yourself constructing a golden calf to worship, for example, or a mathematical phrase: "All = 1" or "3 in 1" or "all is 3" or "all is none" and needing to set it up on the mantle, write it on your forehead where you'll see it every day, then this is a Postulate - which can become a Glass Ceiling, if you let it. So, to get back to Now, to get back to Oneness and Being Here Now, you might have to let go of the Postulate(s) you created, or those of others which you've adopted as your own Glass Ceiling.

Well, that's all, I'll let you fill in the rest, if it's useful. Also noteworthy is the placement of "Covert Hostility" below "Anger". Sometimes to heal covert hostility requires that the person allow themselves to be angry - and then get bored. See? It's not about getting stuck somewhere, or climbing it like a ladder (unless you're stuck down in Needing and Worshipping Bodies, have no idea what 'Serenity of Beingness' could possibly be, and want to get there, then I might suggest reading this as a kind of ladder) - it's about being able to flow back and forth, up and down, at will. See, that's why actors dig this stuff so much. Comments welcome, "yes, come be a scientologist" and "F scientology!" comments will be deleted, just so you know, I'm publicly declaring that I will be censoring those kinds of comments on this particular post in advance - and with all due respect, I'm just calling those two angles "off topic" for comments on this post, in advance, so that it won't come up (unless you didn't read this far down). I'd like to see if there can be a dialogue about the usefulness of this Tone Scale in daily life, regardless of which side of the walls of "The Church" (not the Catholic one) one might be on. Seeing as my parents were big on EST back in '76, I ended up growing up with this as a personal tool, but I didn't know until much later where it came from. I tend to think of this scale as going on in the sephira Hod, especially by it's Reasonable approach toward Emotion - but also in it's 8th path of the Sephir Yetzirah connection - a perfect path, a place where both eternal and temporally-identified minds co-exist as one, in the place of the mirror reconstruction of the abstract natural which comes together in perfect harmony in the stillness of contemplation - and the path by which this place of left-brained mind looks upon the material world is the very definition of Judgement itself.

Much love, and..


11/19/12 Post Script:  To be clear, the above is "The Expanded Tone Scale" which *includes* the Know-to-Mystery Scale (the stuff in the right column).  Also, if anyone is interested in learning more about this particular branch of human ingenuity, here is the book that they took off the shelves, and which is nearly impossible to find, and which the proverbial "they" don't want you to hav, PDFed for your downloading convenience.


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