on Pedestals, Tribes, and Mirrors

"Just occasionally, ego aligns with what Being already knows and has always known. Sometimes it even does this for what you and I know as a very long time, in fleshplace terms. This is so whether the individual in question has garnered praise or a straightjacket; or both in some sort of sequence or even at once.

Then, ego can jump off of the alignment, misleading the individual and/or any others whose votes it has gained during the alignment period...

Now, there are many tribes wandering around in the fleshplace. Some walk stridently forward into self-constructed mirror images of where they've been, and howl "ain't it awful" while reconstructing their mirrors to proceed with greater dudgeon to the next bang-up. The joy is that there are many tribes, and tribes within tribes. The mirrors will reflect new lies. Along with the old ones.

The lies reflected by mirrors are often enough like what's ahead to be accurately confused with what's ahead, and thus contribute to the survival of the fleshplace junkeys' stuckness. That's what makes them continue. When it gets shaky out there, someone offers them another mirror. Just occasionally, someone takes their mirrors away.

Creating someone to take the mirrors away lets things flow and happen. Mirrors are always an option, even when taken away.

Who ultimately puts them there or takes them away?"

John Dan Reib, 1976


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