i climb to worship
the valley of the shadow
the pedaled rose
as the sun dies
gold and black
great knees and thighs
wide open rise
bush aflame speaks
a vortex of power
we hold the portal open
in balance
barely touching
and not
we rise on the planes
the veil of paroketh
melts to stars and
city lights
we hover
barely breathing
as the hounds and owls
creep out
we're unseen and
warped in white light
the final distillate
in a mist
time divides
dimensions multiply
as solution's room
expands and knots
personality reified
and disappears
the orgasm flattens
like a desert road
across the abyss
to the sea of binah
death and birth
and sacrificed
as we fall upward

nozen '2000


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