The Phantom Path

The phantom path
Wandering through
The chaparell
Of flesh
Or flesh itself
Dragon lines
Sovereign ends
Serving nothing
Young eric says
Pay more attention
To the finger
(pointing at the moon)
laughter’s screen
hurt more cruel
than pain
overwhelming distinctions
unworked at the core
a hole where total
is not complete
acephalic volcano
energies without
overcoming the
subordination of
only in anguish
at the summit of
broken and tormented
evil burst out from
the headless summit
energies without limit
unite beings
wandering in
vichy france
after TB
devolved in
extreme yearning
independent of goals
or god or boundries
looking for language
in the unbearable
tearing limit
of the possible
christ’s torment
surpass god
love drawn toward
inescapable torment
establishes fellowship
individual integrity is
torn apart by guilt
the evil of crucification
establishes community
founded in killing
separate existence
evil’s drive to completeness
the heart of communication
painting in the blinding
colors of the sun
creation by loss
ambivalent art
in real trance
melts like sugar
in water
flames electricity
lays bare
being around a
void at the heart
and limit
insuficiency marks all
shapes community
divine ecstasy and
extreme horror blows
idenity  apart
horror in sacrifice
linked to the abyss
of eroticism
brings human form
into question
finite being
sacred excess
abjection before
sovereign experience
accession to
divine chance
risking everything
poles disolve
exceeding an object
desire without object
contesting being and
nature a negative
connected to death
producing consciousness
and the universe of things
the emergence of spirit
and the dialectic
the negative that is
negated and conserved
transforming existence
from need and use
and discourse
desire eats the object
and remains in
circular agitation
consuming things produced
by slaves
those who don’t
risk all
represses dehumanising
and decentering excesses
to sacrifice is not
to kill
but relinquish
to give
sacrifice is
the production of
sacred things
nozen '2000


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