DNA-Alphabet Memorization Tool/Game

Here is one of my contributions to the collective memory of humanity.

To get started, you'll need a 4-sided die and an index card. Simply copy the information on the above index card onto your index card.

Just roll a 4-sided die three times, and each time you roll, say aloud the name of the Nucleic Acid. If you roll a "1", say "Adanine". If you roll a "2", say "Uracil". If you roll a "3", say "Guanine". If you roll a "4", say "Cytosine".

After you have rolled it three times, find the particular permutation (the Nucleic Acid sequence which you spoke aloud) on the index card. Say the letter and the Amino Acid aloud, or say the name of the Aminio Acid aloud, while writing the Amino Acid's corresponding letter on a fresh piece of paper.

Do this at least a few times per day until you no longer need the index card.

Here are some other things you can try: rather than rolling one 4-sided die three times, you can get 3 4-sided dice of 3 different colors, and roll them at the same time. For example, a red one might indicate the first Nucleic Acid, a yellow one the second, and a blue one the third. Also, you can start the "game" by rolling until you get one of the sequences for Methionine, then write down the Amino-letter sequence you get thereafter until you get a STOP, then google the Protein-word within genome.jp and see what you got. If nothing yet sequenced, try breaking it down to smaller words. Its like Geomancy or the I Ching, but better.

Once you've played it for a while, with the "up down left right" (but "up down right left" if on the body) you'll notice that you already have these DNA Alphabet sigils memorized: The DNA Alphabet



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