Letting Them Remember

"We've found out one thing about the stuck ones: We've just plain come out and told them countless times before, and they've got it, or thought they had, and maybe even got enough of it to do things they thought miraculous -- against those who didn't get it, or got some aspect of it other than the one or ones got by the first group, or put significance on what they got that was really the same and called it different, and convinced themselves of the difference.

So it just doesn't work very well to come out and tell them. It really works better to let them remember.

Letting them remember does three things you and I would appreciate, were we in their shoes: First, they get to create their experience of remembering, and feel no need to kow-tow to us and/or burn us at some stake, or take sides about it and do both. (Let's face it, we've done that before: It's boring.) Second, they get to be responsible for what they've created, instead of letting someone else take the burden on. (You and I, we've had enough of both fame and burdens other than our own.) Third, they get to play constructive fleshplace games and message on their own, instead of droving in stadiums expecting us to do it all for them.

Lets face it, you and I, the Piscean Age is over and done with. If we are to mass together in crowds, let's do it to celebrate each other. Jesus already did his trip: Let's create space for fleshplace fearjunkies to get what it really is."

"Transformations" 2:7-9
John Dan Reib, 1976


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